polycarbonate / plastic cladding


H31 polycarbonate / plastic cladding
Rockwell Sheet Sales
Rockwell Sheet Sales Ltd 01676 523386
Rockwell Sheet Sales, the home of translucent roofing and glazing materials. Rockwell supply innovative polycarbonate products for projects across the UK. Wherever rooflights, canopies, vertical glazing and walkway covers are required, Rockwells products can help.
Brett Martin Polycarbonate sheeting 0845 6088999

BFG International

GRP Architectural Mouldings and Cladding

01273 2333384

IJF Developments GRP cladding and mouldings 01254 876505
Industrial Plastic Supplies Ltd White plastic cladding 01132 579000
Macrolux Polycabonate sheeting 01495 244445

Nick Gray Plastics

Polycarbonate plastic sheet

01543 256525


Solid/multiwall polycarbonate and glazing bars

01925 811311
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